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Backlink checker php script.
Starts at just 1 per CPM or 0.10 per CPC. Backlink checker php script. Discussion in PHP started by vj.shgl, Jun 22, 2012. 4 Likes Received.: 0 Best Answers.: 0 Trophy Points.: Hi i need help, do anybody knows how to make a script to check backlinks for domains.
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Php backlink checker script Jobs, Employment Freelancer.
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Link Back Checker link back checking php script. The Link Back Checker php script is an unique and powerful link back checking solution php script. Link Back Checker is a PHP/MySQL powered script that handles link back checks easy and fast!
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I have a backlink checker using curl you enter your website and the website that you want to check may be you can work from this. div idcontent" form actionphp" echo _SERVER'PHP_SELF' methodpost" labelTarget URL/labelinput typetext" nameurl" classurl" valuehttp//www: /br/ labelYour URL nbsp/label; input typethereurl" namethereurl" classurl" valuehttp//www./: input typehidden" namesecureurl" value1/" input typesubmit" namequery" valueCheck" Links" classbutton/" /form php ifisset_POST'query' error1; target_url _POST'url' url2_POST'thereurl' userAgent Googlebot/2.1 http// // make the cURL request to target_url ch curl_init; curl_setoptch, CURLOPT_USERAGENT, userAgent; curl_setoptch, CURLOPT_URLtarget_url, curl_setoptch, CURLOPT_FAILONERROR, true; // curl_setoptch, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, true; curl_setoptch, CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER, true; curl_setoptch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFERtrue, curl_setoptch, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 10; html curl_execch; if html echo br" /cURL error number: curl_errnoch; echo br" /cURL error.: curl_errorch; exit; // parse the html into a DOMDocument dom new DOMDocument; @dom-loadHTMLhtml; xpath new DOMXPathdom; hrefs xpath-evaluate/html/body//a" for i 0; i hrefs-length; i href hrefs-itemi; url href-getAttribute'href' rel href-getAttribute'rel' lengthstrlenurl2; changethissubstrurl20, length; length2strlenurl; changethis2substrurl0, length; ifchangethis2changethis echo br" /Link: url strongrel/strong was found backlinking your URL" error0; //end loop iferror 0 echo No" Backlink Was Found" echo /div" //end if isset?
Backlink checker checking back links link popularity checker.
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Backlink Checker Best and free, Tools to Check backlinks of a website.
That is why it is necessary to conduct a regular deep link analysis of your website. For a thorough backlink analysis, you will be in need of a backlink checker for websites or Google link checker. As an effective, it shows which links are pointing to your site and helping you achieve competitive link intelligence. Search Engine Optimization Techniques.
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You can now download the PHP Multi keyword density script to calculate the keyword density for single and multiple keyword combinations. Please share SEO Tool Updates. Upcoming online marketing events. View all events Submit your event. Quick tool select. Select your tool of choice. Domain Rank Checker. Website Authority Checker. Free Backlink checker.
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Automatic submission can be considered as spamming, and it may affect your DA domain authority. SEO LINK BUILDING. Backlinks indicate the importance and popularity of your site. These are essential for SEO because search engines will offer more credit to websites with several quality backlinks. Google considers these websites relevant to search queries. For this reason, you can use a backlink builder. Search engines consider the quality and number of inbound links on a website while calculating the relevance of this site to anchor text. Criteria of search engine for quality incoming links are becoming tougher because of unscrupulous webmasters. They always try to achieve inbound links with sneaky techniques. HOW TO CREATE BACKLINKS AT DUPLICHECKER? Dupli Checker is a reliable backlink generator tool. It is convenient to use for everyone. You can use the tool in a few simple steps.: Go to this and just enter the URL of your site. After entering the URL, hit Make Backlinks. Once you are done with this, the backlink maker will dig up information from Google and other search engines to return the best results. This free backlink generator will search for valuable links automatically.
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