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Have You Tried Exclusive Google Extentions ? Try It Out

Google extensions are the small software that can be included in Google Chrome so that they are easily usable. There are many extensions that help in the digital marketing of the website. Today we will see some of the best extensions that we can add and use easily. Some of them are SEO Quake, Browsec, Scan WP, Global Rank, etc. Today we will learn about these extensions so that we can use them easily.

“Tube Buddy : Best Google Extensions”

tube buddy : Best Google Extensions by explorenenjoyTube Buddy can be used for youtube videos. Using this extension you can find out the position of your tags on the youtube video. It helps you to find out whether the tag that you are applying offers you some benefits or not. Tube Buddy helps you to find out the rank of your video through  tags that you have applied, So this is one of the best Google extensions that you can use for youtube videos

“Grammarly: Best Google Extensions to find out grammatical mistakes”

grammarly : best google extensions for grammar mistakesGrammarly the best Google extensions that can be used to find out the grammatical mistakes in your text. It is mostly used by bloggers. This tool is recommended because by using this tool you can write your blogs without any mistakes. It also checks out the spelling mistakes in your text. It also tells the correct words and removes them.

“Keywords Everywhere”

best google extensions : Keywords everywhereWhen you search any keyword on Google it tells the volume, CPC, and competition of that keyword, So that you can choose the best keywords with keywords everywhere. It also gives related keywords when you search for some keywords. It also tells the volume, CPC and competition of the related keywords. So this tool is recommended for the best keywords.


best Google extensions : Seo QuakeSEO Quake gives you the complete details about the page that you open up on Google like rank, age, and rank of the website on Bing. You can see the details of your competitors using this tool. When you open some website it tells you the website rank on Alexa, Google, Bing, etc.

“Similar Web”

similar web by explorenenjoySimilar Web is used to find out the complete details of the website that you visit like total monthly visits, Time of Visits. You can use these details to find out the complete details of your website and your competitor’s website. So, you can also check the bounce rate of your website. You can also check the global rank of your website. You can also check it’s sources of traffic and complete details about the website.

“Scan WP”

scan wp by explorenenjoyIf you want to check that which theme is used by your competitor in his/her website or which plugin is used in your competitor’s website you can do this by using this tool. You can get complete details of any website in just a few seconds. It also provides the complete details of the theme used like price, store, the name of the plugin used, etc. You must use Scan WP.


browsec by explorenenjoyThere are some websites that are banned by Google or you can’t open them and sometimes there are some critical pieces of information that u need from these websites, So you can choose this Google Extensions. When you turn it on you need to select the country, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, Unites States are free to use and all others are premium. So you can open a banned website using this tool. So use Browsec.

“How To Get These Extensions”

Go to Google and search chrome web store. Now open the first link. Now search the Extensions you want to add, So from here you can get all the extensions and enjoy.