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Top Free Best Plugin for WordPress to Speed-Up your WordPress Website

WordPress has gone a long way since its initial launch in the year 2003. It was first released as a blogging platform but now has become a full-fledged, fully functional CMS (Content Management System). This powerful software is now used by many business firms and corporates. In addition, the blogging platform is utilized by bloggers for spreading knowledge on different topics. For WordPress you can use various plugins, Today we will tell you about some best plugin for WordPress.

There are dozens of website development and management packages; however, WordPress is considered the most reliable and most adopted platform. The topmost reason behind using WordPress for building websites is its simplicity. Moreover, thousands of free themes, templates, SEO extensions and plugins offered by the world’s top CMS platform contribute to its popularity.

Best Plugin For WordPress Comes with Added Advantage. Here’s HOW

WP plugins are developed in PHP language and thus integrates seamlessly with WordPress. Live chat and feedback form plugins give a huge advantage to businesses and bloggers as they help to develop a positive relationship.

WordPress platform is constantly upgrading and receiving feedbacks for improvement from global design and development community, so does its plugins. Not just WordPress is free and highly compatible on different devices, but also it doesn’t demand any technical expertise.

Let’s read about some of the best free plugins for WordPress websites that can be used by even novice users. These plugins make website development procedure quite simple and straightforward, as well as makes the site more responsive. Moreover, installing these plugins takes very minimal efforts and doesn’t demand sound technical know-how.

Visual Composer: Best Plugin For WordPress

visual composer best plugin for wordpressVisual Composer is one of the best website builders for WordPress. This drag-and-drop website builder gives you an added advantage to shine in the competitive market. The layouts designed using the respective plugin results in acquiring more sales leads and thereafter, earning higher revenue. The website editor is user-friendly, fast and comes with easy to operate functionality.

The straight-forward editor is coupled with elements and extensions as well as blocks and premium templates. Visual Composer is a comprehensive package of website building tools that fulfils your designing demands by building layouts your way. The plugin comes in two different versions that include (i) Free Version and (ii) Premium Version. As a beginner, you can try the free edition and then switch to the premium version.

AddtoAny Share

addtoany share buttonsAddtoAny is a universal sharing plugin that allows you to share anything, anywhere. The user can share or save its content from a native app as well as from the web.  The plugin allows sharing content on both mobile site and mobile app. It is highly advanced and incorporates compatible features. The icons are Vector graphics that are mathematically precise and are scalable to different sizes.

AddtoAnyShare incorporates lightweight coding and is Google Analytics integrated that doesn’t demand any registration or login. The plugin is highly customizable and includes open source features tailored to different CMS platforms. Floating Share bars allow you to share your content using stay-in-place button bars as you scroll.

Google Analytics

google analyticsGoogle Analytics (GA) plugin for WordPress enables tracking the website using the latest GA tracking algorithms and codes. It allows you to track numerous important metrics that display the performance and importance of different marketing strategies. It provides insights to real-time stats that show:

  • Number of visitors
  • Acquisition channels
  • Details of traffic sources

It’s always good to know where the traffic comes from and how many people have visited the site. Regardless of the different channels that are driving traffic to your website, it is important to know how many visitors are actually converting. It provides a preview of how well the users are interacting with the website and its content. You can also monitor the devices from where the users are coming from such as mobile or desktop versions.

WP Forms

wp formsWP Forms is a drag and drop WordPress forms builder that creates customized forms without involving any complex coding. The forms are 100% responsive and compatible to work over smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. Pre-designed templates save time and designing efforts. Using WP Forms, you can streamline the workflow by viewing all the leads in one single place. For better user experience, long forms are split into multiple pages and support file and media upload.

Subscription forms can also be created and connected to the email marketing service. WP Forms WordPress plugin integrates instant notification feature that allows you to quickly respond to the leads. The forms can be embedded into pages, blog posts, footer, sidebar widgets, etc. One of the significant features incorporated in WP Forms is that it provides spam protection.

Yoast SEO

yoast seo best plugin for wordpressWith Yoast SEO, you don’t need to hire an SEO specialist as the tool claims to perform out the best. You will get more visitors from Bing and Google and can attract visitors from different social media channels. The tool comes in both Free and Premium version. The free edition allows checking the features and functionality of the tool for a specific period of time.

Premium version allows optimizing the blog using advanced features by keeping an eye on the important pages. It helps to redirect old URLs to the new ones. In addition, free access to 24X7 customer support is provided for one year from purchase. Yoast SEO gives a clear overview of the focus keyword and relevant SEO scores. For an SEO optimized blog, it is recommended to invest in Yoast SEO as it proves to be a comprehensive package of all required features.


woo commerceIf you are thinking of creating an e-commerce platform, think of WooCommerce. It is one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms on the web. Extend your online business with free and paid WooCommerce extensions. You can analyze and determine your specific requirements and then invest in the WooCommerce extensions. It is an open-source, extendable and adaptable platform so the store can be built as per the client’s requirements.

WooCommerceWordPress plugin allows safe and secure online payment platform. For any kind of technical issues, you may contact the support staff round the clock for resolution of queries. WooCommerce plugin provides the seller full control to sell products anything and anywhere using straightforward payment procedures.

Leverage Browser Caching

Leverage Browser CachingLeverage Browser Caching fixes the browser cache issues that occur in the WordPress websites in the best possible manner. Let’s first understand the meaning of this powerful WordPress plugin in brief. It refers to the temporary storage location of static files of any website in the visitor’s browser. Later on, these files are thereafter retrieved from the browser instead of fetching it from the Server. This makes the website downloading process faster as it speeds up the pages of the website making it more responsive.

The multiple advantages of Leverage Browser Caching WordPress plugin are that not just it speeds up the website performance but saves internet data of the visitor. In addition, it saves the bandwidth of the Server where the website is published while decreasing the load as well as HTTP requests.

Classic Editor

classic editorThis official plugin integrated into WordPress restores the classic or previous version of WordPress editor along with the ‘Edit Post’ screen. With Classic Editor, the screen is extended so that the user can add old-style meta-boxes. Else, the user can select to rely upon the previous editor. The Classic Editor ensures consistency throughout the website designing phase as the post opens up in the last editor being used for the editing tasks.

Classic Editor allows the administrators to select and activate the default editor for all the users. Apart from this, the administrators can give users the right to change the default editor. The users can select the editor for each individual post if they are granted the right to do so by the Administrator.


anti spamOnce the website starts to pick traffic from all over the world, there is something you cannot simply neglect. And this is the spam comments which cannot be ignored at any cost. Deleting these comments can be a nuisance task though; however, these comments can fill up the site space quite quickly. When it comes to Anti-Spam WordPress plugin, there are dozens of options to choose from.

The Anti-Spam WordPress plugin includes Akismet, WP-SpamShield, Antispam Bee, Zero Spam, etc. Some of these plugins are capable of blocking spam comments as well as spam account registration. WP-SpamShield anti-spam plugin is an effective solution for automated spam protection as it offers two levels of protection. AntiSpam Bee is a free spam protection plugin that doesn’t demand set up or registration to personalized account.

Call Now Button

call now buttonThis WordPress plugin displays a Call Now button at the bottom of the screen which is visible to the mobile visitors. The Click-to-Call button allows the visitors to call the concerned department or person in just a single touch of Call Now button icon. With this plugin, you don’t need to remember the phone number or copy-paste contacts as you can directly make a call quite simply.

Call Now Button plugin is simple to integrate into any of the desired WordPress themes. You can also add text to the button; however, it is optional and not mandatory. This WordPress plugin can only be added to the mobile version of the websites as it enables direct calling. If you are thinking about how to add the mobile number in the Call Now Button plugin, here’s the answer. Once the plugin is added to WordPress, it will be displayed on the Dashboard under the Settings section. You can easily set your contact here.

WP WhatsApp Chat

whatsapp chat buttonWhatsApp Chat for WordPress allows the visitors to open a direct conversation from your blog to the registered WhatsApp contact. The plugin integrates a textbox that can be used to display a pre-filled message. This message is automatically displayed at the beginning of the conversation.

The plugin is also available in the premium version that offers advanced functionality and performance. It allows the administrator to add multiple users along with their names and labels in the Contact box. It enables visitors to contact different support departments of the website. In the latest edition, the plugin is fully integrated with WordPress live customizer. In addition, the latest edition of WP WhatsApp Chat plugin enables the user to add more than 14 icons in the WhatsApp button.

Revolution Slider

revolution slider : Best Plugin For WordPressWordPress slider plugins make the website look extremely beautiful and more defined. One such slider is the Slider Revolution 5.4 that makes the website more innovative as well as responsive. So it is mostly used. This drag and drop slider allows you to add it in the WordPress theme quite easily to make you spread your story more clearly to the audience.

Revolution Slider is installed quickly on WordPress websites and easily customized. The slider plugin can be installed anywhere on WordPress websites. It is 100% user-friendly with advanced features and great usability. It helps to build modern presentations that are mobile friendly. The plugin offers a free object library that includes dozens of background themes, font icons, SVG’s and transparent PNG objects.

WHY Go for Free WordPress plugins?

Right from SEO assistance to tap-to-call and WhatsApp conversation, WordPress offers a huge and comprehensive package of plugins. These plugins are highly responsive and are compatible with different devices. The best thing is that you do not require investing even a single penny to make these plugins work. With simple installation, these plugins can change the outlook and functionality of the website in all positive ways.

Now you don’t need to depend on the website designer or maintenance experts. Even more, you do not need to hire SEO professionals as major website optimizing is done by comprehensiveYoast SEO. With a free version of WordPress plugins, you can test the functionality and performance parameters. However, if you want more advanced features, you always have the option to go for ‘Premium’ versions.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best free plugin(s) for your WordPress blog and make it more responsive. Today!