• How to Send Email from Excel using VBA Macro: A Complete Guide

    How to Send Email from Excel using VBA Macro: A Complete Guide

    Many of us often use Microsoft Office Outlook emailing the application to manage email messages, calendars, contacts, etc. The application is used worldwide for sending, receiving, and managing business email effectively and efficiently. Unarguably, the emailing app offers countless useful benefits too. In this article, we will discuss the procedure to send email from Excel using VBA Macro and MS Outlook.…

  • Coronavirus: Meaning, Symptoms & Precautions

    Coronavirus: How it Occurs, Symptoms & Precautions

    Coronavirus (CoV), a large family of viruses is known to cause different illness stretching from common cold to critical disease outbreak. World Health Organization recommends all countries to enhance their surveillance and screening for severe symptoms that may include Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). Coronaviruses are zoonotic viruses that transmit between animals and human. It…

  • Singapore Sentosa Island
    Featured,  Travel

    Places You Should Not Miss While in Singapore! Sentosa Tops the List (Part 2)

    In the previous blog, a glimpse about Singapore Sentosa Island destination has been given along with the opening hours and visiting information about various adventures. In this blog, we take the journey forward to some of the top mesmerizing destinations of the country. After knowing about Skybridge’s famous Bunjy Jump and Giant Swing,  taking the verbal tour of Adventure Cove…