congress refuses aap offer of alliance

Congress refuses offer of alliance with AAP : Checkout full news

On Friday, it was deciphered by Congress that they are willing to get together with Aam Aadmi Party, on a condition that the alliance will remain restricted to Delhi.
AAP’s impractical call for seats in Punjab, Goa, Haryana, and Chandigarh has compelled Congress to fight the elections on its own.

“Main Agenda Of Offer “

Congress Vs AppDespite the alliance with AAP, Congress is still willing to fight the Lok Sabha elections alone. Announced by It in charge for Delhi Mr. P C Chacko. He also reported to the reporter in Delhi that it will contest the election alone, as AAP is going back on its words and that the party will release the name of the contestants in the next couple of days.Chacko said Congress would openly accept alliances with other parties in order to defeat BJP. And that it was being circulated all over the country.According to P C Chacko, Congress and AAP have fought against each other for many elections which obviously has lead to some political differences.

“Reason For The Proposal Of AAP To Congress”

Congress-vs-aapAlthough, the differences still prevailed It was still willing for the proposal of an alliance with AAP to fight against BJP in Delhi as it was the need of the hour.
The Delhi Congress in charge also announced that Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader had asked him to hold a meeting with AAP and convince for leadership in Delhi. Chacko also stated that in the year 2017, both the parties together had won 80 seats. Aap with 49 and Congress with 31.

“AAP Asked For More Seats In Different States: Congress Refused It”

Congress Refuses AAP ProposalHe also disclosed that Cong.was eligible for 3 and AAP was eligible for 4 seats, calculated on pro-rata basis. Totaling to seven seats in Lok Sabha in the capital. With four seats to AAP and three to Congress, was what we had discussed with Mr. Sanjay Singh although the Delhi leaders were against the decision. We were compelled to take this decision for the BJP’s defeat and political necessity. He also said that The capital city was the most affordable place wherein we could defeat BJP. However, suddenly AAP came up with this strange demand of asking for seats in other states. And since they didn’t show any interest, we also backed out. And we are now depended on each other’s strength within the party, said Chacko.

Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament from AAP, declared that there’s no alliance taking place between the two parties anymore and that it was Congress to have an alliance with AAP and not vice versa. Since there was no reconciliation between the two, it didn’t reach to any conclusion.