simple ways to increase DA and PA
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How to Increase DA and PA of your Website?

Amid billions of websites available on the internet, it is extremely important for your website to rank higher. Increasing the DA and PA scores can help boost website ranking on the search engine listings. To some extent, the Domain Authority contributes to the ranking of the website in amalgam with other SEO factors.DA is a metric for understanding how the Google algorithm ranks any website based on its authority and credibility parameters.

Improving the Domain Authority is important as it somewhat decides the performance of the website. To begin with, there are two basic things that can be done to increase the DA. This includes (i) gaining good links and (ii) getting rid of or removing the bad links. The DA metric very much depends on the backlinks (links pointing to the website). Here’s the checklist to ensure a good DA.

“Checklist To Increase Domain Authority”

ways to improve domain authority

  • Improve user experience by keeping an easy-to-understand and clean site structure as well as improving the page speed.
  • Ensure a lower bounce rate as it denotes that not many people leave the website immediately after entering it.
  • Insert alt text in the images and use text links on the website. For better crawlability on the web, make sure that limited links are used on the site.
  • Work on internal linking strategy and link all the related pages in a relevant context.
  • Regularly manage links on the website by finding out and fixing the broken links.
  • Always create unique, valuable and evergreen content and keep updating the same by adding more information.
  • While posting the content, try to maintain a balance in frequency and consistency of posts.
  • Be socially active and advertise your website on social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Now, let’s talk about Page Authority and how it can be increased. Page Authority very much relies on the same set of data as the Domain Authority. However, the former predicts the ranking on the page level and not the domain level.

“Ways To Increase Page Authority”

ways to increase page authority

Internal and external link profiles boost up the Page Authority; therefore, it is important to work on the link metrics. While influencing the website’s PA score is somewhat difficult, several measures can help to boost the PA and the ranking.

  • Building links often occur at the page level. It very much affects the ability of a page to rank on the search engine listing. Therefore, focus on creating good links.
  • Another part of the process is creating quality content that attracts global customers. Try to write longer, comprehensive content with more in-depth information.
  • Link building and content creation is not the end of the process. In fact, work on optimizing the page by managing the link equity across the pages.

“Final Thoughts To Increase The DA and Pa”

SEO is a crucial process and sometimes you don’t have direct control over its core aspects. However, domain authority and page authority must be monitored and analyzed regularly. No single strategy can guarantee success. However, practicing the above-mentioned tactics in amalgamation can help increase the DA and PA of the website.