shaktikanta daas speaking about growth of India

Growth and financial stability to be observed closely- Shashikanta Das

Governor of Reserve Bank of India has said that Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is going to be observant of growth and financial stability for the Asia’s third largest economy- India. The counter incentive during the final quarter of 2018 reduced the annual rate of economic growth to 6.6 percent. It was deciphered as the slowest in the last five quarters and far less than what was expected.

“Growth Rate In GDP”

shaktikanta daas speaking about growth of IndiaThe enormous growth of gross domestic product (GDP) was anticipated until the financial year 2020 at the rate of 7.2 percent which was the most powerful amongst world large economies, stated by Shashikanta Das. In March 2019, the annual retail inflation grew to 2.86 percent which was 2.57 in the previous month. However, it still remained low for eight months in a row which was the Central Bank’s target. It has increased the chances for a key interest rate cut in the following month.


reserve bank of IndiaIn a speech which was uploaded on the RBI website on early Saturday referring to the period from October 2016 to February 2019. It was stated by the governor that inflation had remained below target. It was an average 3.6 for the period under the inflation targeting framework so far. The retail annual inflation from January to March 2020 was forecasted to be lower by 5.8 percent. however, it was also stated that it could be higher if food and fuel price rose or if the fiscal difference overshot targets.

“Final Assumption By Mr. Das”

Around 2.5 percent of the shortfall was expected in India’s current account of GDP IN 2018-2019. This rise and decline in GDP may be considered temporary. It may also result in a recession in an advanced economy, stated by Das. He also stated that Central banks all over the world don’t seem to be taking considerable steps in tightening the monitory policy with some lending conditions.