High DA PA Websites for Backlinks
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Get High DA PA Websites for Backlinks

Have you ever seen a business that has framed its first earned dollar bill and hang up on the wall? Well, if we talk about the world of digital businesses, a backlink is equivalent to the first dollar earned by the webmaster building a link strategy. Unarguably, there are numerous high DA PA websites for backlinks on the web. However, to be able to gain instant backlinks from such sites, one must know the name and the DA PA scores though.

Anyone can get a backlink quite easily, although getting a backlink from a site with high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) ranking is more than earning a hundred dollar though.

Well, if you are new to the term DA and PA and wondering what it is all about; here is the answer.

What is Domain Authority & Page Authority?

Domain Authority, developed by Moz is a metric that is used to decide the performance of the website on the internet. Higher the DA of the website is, more likely it is to earn a higher ranking on search engine listings. It means that the website will receive higher and better web traffic. Besides, it is a good way to measure the SEO efforts and the performance of the website against the competitor’s website.

Consequently, it is significantly important to differentiate domain authority from page authority.

Page authority is a similar metric but it works for measuring the strength and performance of a single web page instead of measuring the performance of domain and subdomain.

For this purpose, be specific in targeting the websites of your own niche with a higher domain authority ranking. Nevertheless, it is always good to start with a simple Google search by entering the focus keyword and you will get dozen of websites in the same niche.

If you are searching for high DA PA websites for backlinks, keep reading till the end.

How to Calculate Domain Authority?

Domain Authority scores are based on the scale of 1 to 100 (100 being the best and 1 being the worst). DA scores between 40 and 50 is an average score, whereas DA of 50 and 60 is considered good and above this range is fairly excellent.

Now, the question here is that ‘how Moz calculates DA and PA score’?

Well, Moz uses 40 different factors to score the DA and PA of a website.

Yes, you heard it right, 40. Some of these are:

  • MozRank
  • MozTrust
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Linking Root Domain
  • Quality Content
  • Social Signals

How to Increase Domain Authority & Page Authority? – Get High DA PA Websites for Backlinks

Further, the next big question is ‘What are the factors that can increase the domain authority of a website or a web page?’

In this section, you will get to know the tips to increase the domain authority. So, keep reading…

  • Choose a good domain name
  • Optimize your on-page content
  • Remove bad/ toxic links
  • Improve the website’s internal linking structure
  • Ensure that the website is search engine & mobile friendly
  • Create linkable content
  • Regular audit to remove bad and broken links
  • Be an expert within your niche
  • Increase the loading speed of the webpages
  • Promote content through social media

However, several websites with high DA PA score can help you avoid the gruelling process. Not to mention, you can gain access to quality-rich and high DA backlinks in quite an easy way.

So, what are you waiting for???

Explore the table below to view the list of high DA PA websites for backlinks.

Websites with High DA & PA Ranking

Website Domain Authority Page Authority
Quora 93 77
About Me 92 71
Dropbox 95 83
BitBucket 89 73
Photo Bucket 93 88
Image Shack 93 80
Photo Peach 55 60
Listly 66 63
Devian Art 84 79
Drop Shots 60 61
Directory World 35 56
Author Stream 85 68
Answerbag 66 51
So Much 36 52
Cheaper Seeker 33 51
Issuu 94 82
Jayde 42 57
Zoho 84 71
I’m Faceplate 54 59
Pen IO 88 92