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History Of Shahrukh Khan’s House – Mannat

shahrukh khan house mannatShah Rukh Khan is a name to reckon with. His legacy has been dearly felt both emotionally and financially. Emotionally, because most of the Indian youth can relate to the character that is portrayed by this versatile actor through more than two decades. From the Fauji days to Zero, Shahrukh has always proved his mettle with his impeccable acting skills and even after all these years has remained close to his fans’ hearts. Hence “The king of Bollywood”, he literally has ruled Bollywood for over 20 years now. Shahrukh’s named it Mannat.

“Mannat A Dream House”

mannatMannat, as the sea facing marvel is called, is the abode for Shahrukh Khan and his family. The bungalow is more like a tourist location. It is frequented by hundreds of visitors in anticipation of a glimpse of the star.  However, not many know that this 6 story bungalow in Bandra West was not originally constructed by the star, however, it was acquired by Shahrukh Khan on lease in the year 2001. The lavish mansion has intricately decorated door and gardens in the front which adds to the beauty of the villa.

“Mannat Originally Belong To Kekoo Gandhy”

Keeko Gandhy Owner Of MannatOriginally known as Villa Vienna, the Bollywood ruler bought this Bungalow for 13.32 crore from his once Gujarati neighbor, Kekoo Gandhy. The king had to persuade the owner persistently and finally managed to crack the deal for the above-said amount, which now estimates to a whopping 200 cr. Kekoo Gandhy was a Parsi. He was a craftsman. He owned a gallery too as well. Mr. Gandhy also owned the adjacent building called “Kekee Manzil”, wherein his guardian stayed. Gandhy’s guardian moved to Mumbai at the persuasion of Gandhy’s maternal Grand Father Mackenji Batliwala. His mom Roshan, who was Batliwala’s eldest daughter, stayed in Villa Vienna.

Gandhy’s and Shah Rukh’s first meeting wasn’t that friendly. Shahrukh Khan first went to Villa Vienna to apologize for a pit that he had borrowed for a phone association, which had angered Gandhy.

“Entry Of Mackenji Batliwala”

Mackenji Batliwala was experiencing a financial deficit. Due to this he had to lease Villa Vienna and he moved to Kekke Manzil. Mackenji left Villa Vienna for his sister Kurshedbai who moved to the property with her spouse. Now that Kurshedbai and her husband didn’t have any heir to pass the legacy to. They offered Villa Vienna to her sister Gulbano. It was later inherited by Nariman Dubash, her son.

“Shahrukh Khan Purchased Villa”

shahrukh khan house mannatThat’s when King Khan met Nariman Dubash as he wanted to purchase the villa, primarily because it was sea facing. He persistently persuaded Dubash to buy that property and eventually, he acquired the same in 2001 for 13.32 cr. The mansion is a 6 story villa. It is divided into two parts. The bungalow is decorated with beautiful artifacts from around the world and mesmerizing paintings from M F Husain. On one floor, there is a boxing ring, Playroom for the children, a library, a private bar, entertainment center. The villa houses a swimming pool and all other comforts. The Villa brought good luck to Shah Rukh in terms of fame and money. He decided to name the villa as Mannat instead of Jannat as he had earlier thought of.