narendra modi interview by akshay kumar
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Narendra Modi Interview By Akshay Kumar

It’s not every day that you get to see such a fascinating and gripping interview of the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Damodar Modi with the Super star Akshay Kumar.

Surprisingly the interview didn’t concentrate a bit on politics as was expected, it rather focused on Mr. Modi as an individual. This one hour and nine minutes conversation between the two legends will keep you glued to your screen. It advocates a moment that keeps you intrigued.

The actor started the conversation by making it comprehensible that it had nothing to do with politics or the ongoing national elections.

The first question he asked the Prime minister was from his driver’s daughter who was inquisitive if he ate mangoes. Startled at the innocence of the child, Mr. Modi smirked and replied that he didn’t only eat mangoes; however, he loved them too. He also interestingly added that those days he was novice about hygiene and never cared if the mangoes were to be washed.

Mr Modi loved to read books and stated that as a child he wanted to join the Indian Army. He was instigated seeing the soldiers at the nearby railway station and served them tea. From that moment on the feeling of patriotism arose within.

In between the interview actor Akshay Kumar raised a sensitive question about Modi’s family. He wanted to know if the Prime Minister misses his family and why is it that his mother stays back in the village and not with him. To this, the Prime Minister replied that he left home at a very early age to be independent and that in a way he doesn’t feel that close to them. He also mentioned that he visits his mother often and she had also visited him a few times.

Mr. Modi revealed how he controls his temperament and how he doesn’t lose his temper. To this the actor smiled and narrated that he gets over his anger by hitting the punching bag that lies in his house or he screams his lungs out standing against the sea.

Not even once, throughout the session the interview brought monotony. The questioned posed were so layman like a conversation was being held with an ordinary man.

Akshay Kumar alleged that the Prime Minister has a reputation of a strict man, to which Modi defended himself by informing that he doesn’t pressurize anyone around him. Unlike other Prime Ministers that the country has seen in the past, he like to work till late and probably that’s what created a perception amongst people about him being strict. He mentioned that as a child he had a completely different aura of easing a difficult situation at home with his sense of humor and definitely now time has changed. However, he still tries to keep the surroundings happy by cracking jokes with his junior staff.

Modi disclosed many unknown facts which he lightly laughed away as a threat in the ongoing elections. He disclosed that every year Mamta Banerjee sends him couple of Kurtas, which are handpicked by herself.  The Prime Minister of Bangladesh sends him Bengali sweets 3-4 times in year and after Ms. Banerjee found out about this, she started following the same ritual.

Akshay Kumar disclosed a very interesting fact that as a Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Modi donated his part salary of the tenure of Rs. 21 lacs to the daughters of his staff members and wanted to know if the Prime Minister was comfortable disclosing his current bank balance. Mr. Modi corrected the actor and said that he was advised by the account staff to not to donate without keeping aside something for himself, that’s when he kept a little for himself and chose to donate the rest of it for the future of his secretariat daughters.

The session continued with a couple of jokes from both the ends. It really was overwhelming to see the Prime Minister of India of such repute in a light and relaxed mood.

The actor wanted to know the three wishes that Prime Minister Modi would ask for if he ever encounters Alladin’s genie. The Prime Minister surprised the actor with his answer. He replied that he would ask the ginnie to stop granted people wishes, so that people work hard to get what they wish for. The actor also wanted to know about the most valuable property that he brought with him after he became the PM of the country. Mr. Modi replied that he was the only PM who had been lucky enough to serve the state of Gujarat for the longest period as a chief minister and that he brought a lot of political experience with him and which in turn supported him to be able to serve the country.

The Prime Minister narrated an interesting incident about his past wherein he walked over 1000 miles to Kailash Parvat. Other on the same tour started to experience difficulty with their skin and it started to tear on their faces, however, they were startled to see Mr. Modi with an –ever-glowing skin. When asked, he replied that he used raw castor oil to save himself from the trouble of damage to the skin and from then on he distributed couple of drops to each of them till they finished their journey. He also mentioned that during days when he catches cold, he only takes warm water and no food for 2-3 days in a row and also put warm mustard oil in his nostrils which burns initially, however, the PM said it helps him fight cold.

It truly is a never-seen- before interview with the legend, by the legend. And we wish to see more of such conversations with the biggies in the country. The life has become like a roller coaster for all. It needs to halt and take a deep breath. This interview helps as a breather for those who prioritize work over themselves or their families.