Places You Should Not Miss While in Singapore! Sentosa Tops the List…

If Singapore is your next travel destination or if it’s in your SE Asia tour itinerary, then you have just landed on the right page. Not only it is one of the world’s cleanest cities, but also it tops the list of the most disciplined country on the globe. The sophisticated infrastructure made up of sky-high buildings adds to the glory of Singapore. Here, you will get all you need to know about the lion country as well as about the places to visit in Singapore.

If you want to experience the beautiful picturesque and magnificent sea views, begin your trip with Singapore Sentosa island. The island is considered a man-made island, built for fun and recreation. Sentosa is not just one simple adventure; in fact, it is a complete package that offers comprehensive family entertainment.

Location & Getting There Best Places To Visit In Singapore…                         

This island is located in the South of the CBD. There are many places to visit in Singapore You can visit Sentosa island by taking 12-minutes magnificent cable-car ride from the Vivo city. Sentosa includes Universal Studios, Singapore Butterfly & Insect Kingdom, Resorts World, Tiger Sky Tower, etc. While at Sentosa, one can enjoy the unforgettable experiences of Giant Swing and Bungy jump from the tower that measures 50 m above the ground at Siloso beach.

Above this, Skybridge which is 47m above the ground level has been created to allow people to challenge themselves and overcome their old-age fear of heights. Take a step into the glass cube and it will ultimately take the fear up the notch.

Timings to Visit Skybridge : Best Places To Visit In Singapore

skybridge : Best places to visit in singaporeSkybridge is one of the best places to visit in Singapore. The best thing is that it’s not required to pre-book your journey to Skybridge as tickets can be purchased right away at the site. However, the ticket to Skybridge costs at SGD 10 and the timings for visiting there is:

  • 10 am to 7 pm on Sunday till Thursday and
  • 10 am to 9 pm on Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays
  • Registration opens at 10 am and activities start from 11.30 am onwards.
  • Last booking for activities is 30 minutes prior to the closing time.

In addition to Skybridge, you can purchase the ticket to Bungy Jump at SGD 159 with weight restrictions 40 kg (minimum) and 150 kg (maximum). The Giant Swing costs SGD 69 with weight restrictions of 60 kg (minimum) and 300 kg (maximum).

Now, let’s jump to the Adventure Cove Waterpark at Resorts World Sentosa

sentosa : Best places to visit in SingaporeHere, at Adventure Cove Waterpark you can experience the thrilling slides that take you to that one big splash where you can beat the heat while at Sentosa. You can choose to drift on the lazy water one whole day or can take the breath-taking high-speed water slide. Top of that, encounter the marine life by walking along with 20000 tropical fish and get up close with giant sharks.

Take your kids to the SE Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster, the Duelling Racer as well as the Whirlpool Washout and Spiral Washout that swirls you around and around in a funnel before you splash into the big pool of water, either feet and sometimes head first. The Rainbow Reef at Adventure Cove Waterpark is one of the best attractions in Singapore. Your kids may find it exciting or kind of scary!

Timings to Visit Adventure Cove Waterpark

waterpark : Best places to visit in SingaporeThe Waterpark opens at 10 am till 6pm (Operation hours are subject to change without prior notice. Once you purchase the ticket, it will allow you to stay at the Waterpark for one whole day. Tickets are available at:

  • SGD 38 per adult (13 to 59 years)
  • Also SGD 30 per child (4 to 12 years)
  • SGD 30 for senior citizens (60 years and older)

One time ticket to Adventure Express starts as low as SGD 10.

Note: Some rides are subject to height restrictions varying between 107 cm and 122 cm.

Animal & Bird Encounters will Give you an Unforgettable Experience

Experience the awesome display agility, intelligence, and receptiveness at Palawan Amphitheatre located at Palawan Beach.

Kids can enjoy encounters with colorful parrots, amazing reptiles, mischievous monkeys, majestic birds and many more.

Timings to Visit Animal & Bird Encounters

Daily show starts from 2.00 pm and ends 5.30 pm

  • Live commentary on Lories at Bird Aviary
  • Lory Feeding at the Bird Aviary: 2pm – 2.15pm

An encounter with parrots at the Palawan Amphitheatre

  • Bird Encounters: 3pm – 3.20pm

A close encounter with animals (adjacent to Bird Aviary)

  • Close Encounters: 4pm – 4.15pm

Multi-animal Encounters at Palawan Amphitheatre

  • On the Wild Side: 5pm – 5.30pm

*Program may be cancelled in the event of bad weather

Entry to the Animal & Bird Encounters is FREE!

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom- Once in a Lifetime Experience

butterfly parkExplore the stunning Mother Nature by landing to the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom Sentosa island. It is filled with a great variety of beautiful butterflies and insects that are surrounded with lust tropical greenery. This once in a lifetime experience for many of us will delight the people of all ages from beginning to end of the program.

Timings to Visit Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Standard Entry:

  • SGD 20/Adult
  • SGD 14/Child (3 – 12 years old)

Local Residents:

  • SGD 16/Adult
  • SGD 10/Child (3-12 years old)

However, the free program is organized with following schedule:


  • Guided Tour: 2pm
  • Photo Opportunity with our STARS: 3pm to 5pm

Tuesday & Thursday

  • Pupa Hanging: 4pm

Saturday & Sunday

  • Butterfly Release- 3pm

Opening Hours

  • 30am – 7pm daily

(Last entry at 6.30pm)

Not just that, you will experience more mesmerizing events beyond the fluttering love of butterflies at Sentosa. For more information about the Sentosa Island, stay tuned for our next blog.