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Have You Checked The Spam Score Of Your Website?

Every one is worried about the SEO score of the website, But most of us don’t know about the spam score. Spam score is the score that show that how much your website is likely to be a spam website according to google. If you think of SEO, You should check your website’s spam score regularly. There are various ways to check the spam score of your website.

“Checking Spam Score Of Your Website”

match your website spam scoreBy checking spamming score you will come to know that how much away you are from google penalty. The website who have spamming score more than 7 are in the danger zone and very near to the google penalty. Here we have provided you with the chart where you can match your score. According to this chart we have divided the score into 3 levels. first is from 0 to 4 that is known as the safe zone. if you have score from 0 to 4 you can neglect it. Second level is from 5 to 7 where you should keep on checking your score. Third level is 8 to 15 where your website is in Danger Zone. If your website is in danger zone then no need to worry we will help you to come out of it.

“Why Do We Get More Spam Score”

While doing SEO we always make the backlinks of the website. It is the most important part of SEO. We should always make the backlinks on a high quality website because it gives high quality backlinks. A website is said to have a quality backlink if and only if you are making the backlink on a website that have High DA (Doamin Athority) and PA (Page Athority). We get more spam score because we make backlinks on those website which have high spam score.

If somehow you have encountered the third level, Then search for the links that bring you in the third level and try to remove them. Register on this link, Activate on the link sent to your mail, Now you can login and click on Free Seo Tools -> link explorer. Now select spam score in left side bar. Now you can search your domain and get links.

“How To Remove SPAMMING Links”

Open each link one by one and paste it on notepad. There should be only one link in one line. Now save the notepad “.TXT” file with the name removelink.txt . Now open google search console and login with the email Id used to create the website google webmaster. Now open the Disavow link page. Here select your website and click Disavow so as to remove your links. Now again select Disavow and then upload the removelink.txt file. Here you complete the procedure of removing the spamming links. Now just wait for 30 to 45 days and your links will be removed and your score will reduce.